How to use the POSTaPOSTER App:

  • Please download the App from here
  • Select your poster in the library and you are ready to narrate
  • Simply position the document to the desired view, using two fingers to zoom, press record, speak and use the laser pointer, then press stop
  • Reposition the document to the next section on which you want to focus, press record again
  • Repeat until you have finished
  • If you make a mistake in a chapter, or would like to reorder the chapters, press the chapters button, then select the box with the pencil icon to rename, and delete chapters, or drag and reorder chapters.
  • Try not to take longer than 2–3 minutes and make it an interesting tour of your poster

How to videos:

How to register and upload your poster

How to narrate your poster using the POSTaPOSTER app

How to view narrated posters


  • How do I register for a POSTaPOSTER account?
    It’s easy to register with POSTaPOSTER! Visit and click the ‘Login’ button in the top right hand corner. From here you will see an option to ‘Create an account’. Fill in your details and you’re all set!
  • How much does it cost to register with POSTaPOSTER?
    Nothing! Registering with POSTaPOSTER in completely free.
  • How do I upload a poster to POSTaPOSTER?
    To upload your poster, login in to your account by clicking the ‘Login’ button in the top right hand corner and enter your username and password. Don’t have an account? No problem. See ‘How do I register for a POSTaPOSTER account?’ above to quickly and easily set one up. Once you’ve logged in, hit the ‘Upload’ button in the top right hand corner. Enter the required details and click ‘add file’. This will take you in to your file storage system. Now just select your desired PDF file and click ‘submit’. It’s that easy!
  • What are tags and how do they work?
    When uploading your poster you will be able to add tags. Tags allow POSTaPOSTER users to group posters in to relevant categories such as research area (e.g. ‘Pregnancy’) or congress (e.g. ‘IFPA’). Once you have tagged your poster it will be grouped with all other posters using the same tag, making it nice and easy to browse posters related to a research area or congress of interest.
  • How do I download the POSTaPOSTER app?
    The POSTaPOSTER app can be used to quickly and easily narrate your poster. Just go to the app store on your iPad, search ‘postaposter’ and download the app for free.
  • How do I record a narration for my poster using the POSTaPOSTER app?
    So you’ve uploaded your poster to POSTaPOSTER, now it’s time to add narration and tell the story of your data! Open the POSTaPOSTER app and select the folder for the group you tagged your poster. Browse the library and select your poster. To begin narrating your poster, ensure you are on the desired section by zooming in and out using two fingers to pinch the screen. Hit ‘record’ and begin narrating the first section of your poster. Once you have completed the section, click ‘stop’. Continue until you have narrated the whole poster. Each section of your narration will be saved as a separate chapter which you can re-name and re-order. Once you are happy with your narration, hit ‘upload’ and your narrated poster will be saved in to the poster library.
  • How can I highlight key information within my poster?
    As well as navigating around your poster by using two fingers to zoom in and out of the different sections, you can also highlight key information using the laser pointer. To do this, touch the screen with one finger on the section of the poster you wish to draw attention to and a red dot will appear. Hold your finger on the screen and drag to move the laser pointer.
  • How do I re-name chapters?
    Once you have completed your narration, click ‘chapters’ in the top right hand corner and a side-bar will appear on the right side of the screen with all the chapters you have recorded. To re-name these, select the chapter and type the chapter name e.g. ‘Introduction’, ‘Methods’.
  • How do I delete a chapter if I make a mistake?
    If you make a mistake in a chapter, or would like to reorder the chapters, press the ‘Chapters’ button, then select the box with the pencil icon to rename, and delete chapters, or drag and reorder chapters.
  • How can I view narrated posters?
    Go to and login. This will bring you to your poster library. Select the poster you would like to view and click ‘view narration’.
  • How can I share my narrated poster with friends and colleagues?
    When viewing your narrated poster on the POSTaPOSTER website, you will be given the option to share it via a number of social media channels. Click the icon of the channel you wish to use to share your poster and a link to your narrated poster will be generated ready for you to share.
  • Who do I contact if I have a problem?
    Our helpline is always open to receive any enquiry or feedback. Please feel free to drop us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.