Privacy Policy

This website is owned and published by POSTaPOSTER Ltd. We aim to continuously update and improve your experience of the platform, to ensure that you get the most from this POSTaPOSTER, and make it simpler for you to find the content most relevant to you.

What information do we collect from you?

You are required to register before you can upload and narrate your posters. By registering, you provide us with some information about who you are, your work and your area of research interest. This is a one-time registration process, and no further information will be required for you to have access to the platform.

How do we use your personal Information?

Information gathered is used in a variety of ways. The first is to build up a demographic profile of our membership, allowing us to better match our content and services to the interests of our members. Obviously, the more accurate the information provided by each member, the better we can do this. For this reason, visitors are encouraged to regularly update their profiles by emailing to provide us with the most accurate information possible.

We may disclose your information to other companies in order to ensure the smooth provision of services that you have requested from us. Your data will be principally used to provide you with your registration or other services or facilities. The information is used in our dealings with the third parties that supply us services.

We may also collect information regarding your use of the website via cookies. We use these to monitor the activity of users and share collated, anonymised data about these activities with our sponsors. Personal data about individual members is never shared with a third party.

Please note that if you move away from to another site via a link, you will no longer be covered by this privacy policy.

What happens when we make changes to this policy?

POSTaPOSTER Ltd continues to invest in the best quality security available and we do our utmost to protect your privacy. If we decide to use your information in any way other than as described in this policy we will notify you by email or with 30 days’ notice on the website. Please note that we retain the right to change this policy at any time. If you have any queries regarding this policy or about the way we collect and gather information about users, please contact